Our basic configuration for typical soldering tasks with PCB holding capabilities included.

Each NestLoc base has the following features :

  • CNC milled 3/4 inch HDPE plastic, the same material used in professional cutting boards
  • Eight 1/4-18 NPT holes that allow industry standard Loc-Line components
  • Interlocking sides enabling multiple bases to be connected easily
  • Numerous T-Slots that fit 1/4-20 hardware for a myriad of user options
  • Built-in pockets for holding small parts during assembly
  • Removable plastic feet which allow different attachments including sliding T-Tracks (ClutchLoc) and/or installation with screws, bolts, etc.

FalconLoc includes these components

  • One NestLoc base with 4 removable plastic feet
  • Three pivoting alligator clip arms with Loc-Line components
  • Three PCB holders for use in NestLoc T-Slots

This tool is built by a Maker for Makers.  I designed this series of tools to have best-in-class features for my needs.  However, I also knew I wanted a tool that could evolve for my future needs and yours.  I wanted something that was easily “hackable”.  By using HDPE plastic for the base, changes can be made using regular drill bits and saws.

One of the reasons I went with CNC milling was so I can incorporate changes and requests from my customers in a timely manner.  I really want your feedback and I will incorporate your ideas into future products if it all possible. 

A question that comes up frequently is “Why Loc-Line components?”.  Even with volume discounts, Loc-Line components are more expensive than the knockoffs that are available.  It’s a judgement call but I feel that the smoothness, strength and variety of the Loc-Line ecosystem is worth the extra cost.  They make a high quality product and you can feel the difference.  Any decent workholding system is an investment compared with the original (and often disappointing) “third hands”.

I hope all of this makes my reasoning clear.  I want you to be satisfied with your purchase.  If you’re not, please contact me and I will do my best to take care of your concerns.

thank you,

Jotham McMillan

Scimitar Designs



Q:  Why Loc-Line components

A:  Loc-Line hoses and connectors are more expensive than some knockoff hoses.  However, Loc-Line hoses have a smoother feel, they hold position better and there are many more options available in the Loc-Line ecosystem.  One other major difference is that Loc-Line uses NPT threading for attachment.  This is far more difficult to manufacture and it is not compatible with the knockoff hoses.  If you are looking to use other hose systems, there is a good chance it will not be compatible and may ruin the threading of the NestLoc bases.

Q:  My NestLoc base is bowed on the bottom, is it defective ?

A:  No.  During the CNC process, a lot of material is removed and this causes the base to bow a bit.  It doesn’t affect any functionality.  The included plastic feet will allow it to sit comfortably on any surface.  If you decide to screw the base into another surface or you use the T-Tracks (ClutchLoc), you will notice the bowing goes away.  My personal favorite configuration uses permanently installed T-Tracks (ClutchLoc) which gets rid of almost all the bowing while giving me an easily changed configuration.

Q:  Your system is fine but I need this (special request) done, is that possible ?

A:  This is what I live for!  Seriously though, send me an email and once I get a chance, I’ll get more details from you on your use case.  The advantage of CNC milling is that I can alter my bases will “relatively” little effort.  Of course, some changes are easier than others.

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FalconLoc Midnight Edition

  • Brand: Scimitar Designs
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